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Daily Operation

Step 2: Updating target databases (continued)

Automated monitoring of the NEO Confirmation Page

Script NEOCPMon may be used to automatically monitor the NEO Confirmation Page (NEOCP), ensuring that you always have the latest NEOCP ephemeris information. This is very useful since the contents of the NEOCP can change very rapidly, with new objects being added, objects having their ephemerides updated, or removed from the page. This script also performs an automated analysis of the ephemeris uncertainty information provided on the NEOCP for some objects, and writes a text file containing observation requests for all the NEOCP objects which will be visible from the telescope location during the current or coming night. This text file can be processed by the TAO scheduler, making it easy to schedule observations of all or part of the objects listed on the NEOCP.

On the first time you run NEOCPMon, you should take some time to customize the script to suit your specific needs. This is done by editing the text file TAO\targets\NEOCPMon.cfg, whose contents are shown below:

obsCode = 860                 ' Observatory code
startOffset = -4              ' Start ephemeris at now + n hours
UToffset = 0                  ' Offset of computer clock with respect to UT (hours)
sleepTime = 10.               ' Check NEOCP for updates every n min
timeBetweenEphDownloads = 60. ' Download NEOCP ephemeris every n min even if there are no updates
timeout = 120.                ' Timeout for ephemeris requests to the NEOCP (sec)
siteLat = -23.00056           ' Latitude (deg)
siteLon = -46.96506           ' Longitude (deg)
highSunAltObs = -15.          ' Max. sun altitude (deg) during observations
minAltObs = 25.               ' Min. object altitude (deg) for NEOCP observations
user = PRH                    ' Default user for NEOCP observations
confLevel = 75                ' Confidence level (%) for building search mosaics
CCDfieldWidth = 18.5          ' CCD field east-west dimension (arcminutes)
CCDfieldHeight = 12.3         ' CCD field north-south dimension (arcminutes)
stripWidth = 3.5              ' Min. width (arcminutes) covered by central row of search mosaics
overlap = 1.5                 ' Min. overlap (arcminutes) between adjacent fields in search mosaics

The various parameters which may be specified in this configuration file are explained below:

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