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Daily Operation

Step 3: Generating a list of potential targets (continued)

Running program Targets

Open a DOS window (Command Prompt) and cd to the TAO\targets directory. To review the command line options for program Targets, type the command

C:TAO\targets\>targets ?

This will print the following help information:

Targets, Version 2003-02-27
(C) Paulo Holvorcem 1997-2003. All rights reserved.
Licensed to T. Brahe

Usage:  targets [-c CfgFile] [-d Date] [-t TgtFile] [?]

Command line options:

-c CfgFile   Specifies the configuration file to use; if omitted, file
             targets.cfg is used.
-d Date      Specifies the UT date for which potential targets will be
             tabulated in the format yymmdd-hh:mm; if omitted, the start
             date is computed automatically for tonight at the station 
             specified in the configuration file.
-t TgtFile   Specifies the name of the output file (list of potential
             targets); if omitted, the output file will be named 
             CfgFile_Targets.txt, where CfgFile is the name of
             the configuration file, without the extension.
?            Prints this help information.

To produce a list of potential targets for the coming night at the observing station using a configuration file TAO\targets\myStation.cfg, you would type the command

C:TAO\targets\>targets -c myStation.cfg

After the program executes you will see a screen message like this:

Writing table of potential targets to file myStation_targets.txt... Done
Log written to myStation_targets.log

The list of potential targets and the log file will be stored in directory TAO\targets. The log file will contain a detailed record of the process of building the list of potential targets, including error messages.


  • If you have updated the target databases, you should already have a suitable DOS window on your desktop, so it is not necessary to open a new window.

  • You will normally use the same Targets configuration file every night, so the name of the list of potential targets will always be the same. After running Targets for the first time and taking note of the name of the list of potential targets, you should enter it in your scheduler configuration file.

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