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Regression program

Program regress (TAO\regress\regress.exe) may be used to perform the simple linear regressions which are required in the preparation of input data for the TAO scheduler and the MU script. Any other linear regression program should be able to do the same task.

To run regress, open a DOS window (Command Prompt) and cd to the TAO\regress directory. To review the command line options for program regress, type the command

C:TAO\regress\>regress ?

This will print the following help information:

Regress, Version 2004-06-21
(C) Paulo Holvorcem 1996-2004. All rights reserved.
Licensed to T. Brahe

Usage:  regress [dataFile] [?]

Command line options:

dataFile   File containing input data for the linear regression (two columns,
           with the independent variable in the first column). If this argument
           is omitted, file regress_data.txt will be used.
?          Prints this help information.

The input data file containing two numeric columns (x, y) should be saved to a text file in directory TAO\regress. An example file would be

 22.8557       37.9
 45.7114       60.1
137.3921      139.4
 22.8557       39.4
 45.7114       57.7
137.3921      135.8
 22.8557       38.7
 45.7114       55.1
137.3921      135.0

Let us suppose that this file is saved to the TAO\regress directory as myData.txt. To perform linear regression on these data, you would type the command

C:TAO\regress\>regress myData.txt

After the script executes you will see a screen message like this:

Output written to myData_output.txt

The output file (which will also be in directory TAO\regress) will display the regression results:

Regression results:

  y = A + B * x

  A =  1.87675E+01
  B =  8.58086E-01

  Coeff. of determination: R^2 =  9.98446E-01
  Standard error of B:  1.27958E-02

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