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Timing Refinement
  Collecting timing
  Analyzing timing
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  empirical timing
Other Tools
  Slew time
  measurement script
  Customizing the
  SlewTime script
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Slew time measurement script

The SlewTime script (TAO\ACP_scripts\SlewTime\SlewTime.vbe) measures telescope slew times in right ascension and declination by moving the telescope by different angles in both coordinates. Telescope motion along a given coordinate starts with very short slews and proceeds to longer and longer slews. The next sections describe how to customize the SlewTime script for one's specific needs, how to start SlewTime, and the output files produced by the script. The analysis of slew time data produced by SlewTime is described elsewhere.

Customizing the SlewTime script

Before starting the customization of the SlewTime script, it is usually a good idea to copy directory TAO\ACP_scripts\SlewTime from the computer where you have installed TAO to the observatory control computer (unless you use a single computer to produce observation schedules and to control the observatory). This directory contains the SlewTime script (SlewTime.vbe) and its configuration file (SlewTime.cfg).

The SlewTime script may be customized by editing the copy of SlewTime.cfg on the observatory control computer and changing the values of various parameters to suit your needs. The SlewTime configuration file is divided into several sections. The various parameters which may be specified in each section are explained below and in the next pages.

File locations

logDir = "c:\ST_logs"                 ' Directory which stores log files and files containing
                                      ' slew time data

Station data

siteLon = -97.12345                   ' Site longitude (degrees), positive E of Greenwich    
siteLat = +39.12345                   ' Site latitude (degrees), positive North
siteHeight = 700                      ' Altitude of observing station (meters)
siteTemp = 20                         ' Approximate ambient temperature (deg C)

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